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DUX 1.5 Complete Super Bundle with CE

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This awesome bundle delivers all DUX 1.5 items to your doorstep:

DUX 1.5 Collector's Edition (4CD)
DUX 1.5 Limited Edition
DUX 1.5 Regular Edition 
DUX 1.5 Jewel Case Edition
DUX 1.0 
Regular Edition 

You save 88€ with this deal!

DUX Version 1.5 features new re-balanced gameplay and new music composed by Andre Neuman and Marco Groß.

-6 Stages
-16bit Soundtrack

New 1.5 Features:

-Re-balanced Gameplay
-New rockin' Soundtrack by Andre Naumann and Marco Groß
-Custom Controls

Device Support:
VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU support.

Visit the official DUX 1.5 Website http://www.dux.hucast.com
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