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The Ghost Blade 3-disc CE (Sega Dreamcast)

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The Ghost Blade - a TATE top down Shooting Game [pre-order] Limited Edition 3-disc set with Soundtrack and a SuperPlay DVD. This Collectors Eition is strictly Limited to 600 copies! Exclusive Cover Art and SuperPlay DVD only available on this CE!

Info and screenshots: http://www.hucastgames.wordpress.com/

Game Features

3 player ships too choose from.


1x Game Disc
1x Soundtrack CD
1x SuperPlay DVD
1x Color Manual


+Exlusive Title Screen
+Exlusive 24 page Concept/Artbook
+Exlusive Cove Art
+The Soundtrack CD will feature all original Tracks and some exlusive Remixes.
+Names of purchasers in game credits (only for first 300 purchasers) [claimed]

Device Support:
VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU support.
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